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Kimberley: 29 May 2020
Issued on behalf of GWK Auctions and Wildswinkel

GWK Veewinkel: well-known, trusted online platform now released for livestock auctions

A collaboration between GWK Auctions and Wildswinkel, combining their extensive experience in auctions, made it possible to now launch a new online platform for livestock auctions that is sure to turn the industry upside down, in a very good way.

In a world where saving costs is becoming increasingly important for an industry now also facing unique challenges during the Coronavirus crisis, solutions are needed to continue service delivery to livestock farmers in an easier, more cost-effective way.  

The GWK Veewinkel app is the necessary solution, creating a platform to host virtual, online livestock auctions in real time.

Willie Meyer, Head of GWK Auctions, a business that forms part of the agribusiness GWK, says the collaboration and auction app not only offers convenience to buyers and sellers, but also reduced costs in terms of logistics, time and animal weight loss.

“Wildswinkel has a proven record in auctions in the game industry and the GWK Auctions team can absolutely relate with their values,” says Meyer about the decision to collaborate. “The convenience, credibility and transparency of the app, combined with additional services offered by both GWK and Wildswinkel, will unlock tremendous benefits for both buyers and sellers on livestock auctions.”

Victor Matfield, CEO of Wildswinkel, says that their company has been expanding from the game industry into the livestock industry, but that they have been looking for a company to partner with – one with a deep understanding of and experience in livestock auctions, and with values similar to their own.

“We have been using an online platform for timed auctions for the past three years. During this time, the app has been developed to be user-friendly – something similar platforms have been struggling to achieve,” Matfield says.

He says that the app offers two kinds of platforms. The Timed Auction enables producers to sell animals from their farms without ever having transport them to auction facilities. This cuts out the middleman by letting buyers buy directly from the seller. The Live-online Auction is used during live auctions to create a platform where buyers, who can’t attend the auction, can participate from the comfort of their homes. On this platform, these buyers can bid against buyers attending the auction.

There are no geographical limits to using the GWK Veewinkel app and buyers and sellers countrywide, as well as across borders, will be able to participate in auctions by registering on the app. Download is free and is available for Apple and Android. Both GWK and Wildswinkel are well-respected for their expertise in their respective industries. By combining their experience of livestock and game auctions, a new platform was created to simplify and modernise buying and selling livestock, to the benefit of everyone involved in the industry.


GWK Auctions forms a part of GWK, a public, producer-owned company, operating from its head office in Douglas in the Northern Cape, with offices also in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northwest, Free State and KwaZulu-Natal. GWK is involved in grain products, specialist crops and livestock services among others, providing producers with the inputs they need, supporting them with the best solutions on the farm and ensuring the best channels to market for their products, locally and abroad. GWK’s premium branded foods are manufactured with a plough-to-plate philosophy, linking consumers with producers through sustainably manufactured products from the farm.


Wildswinkel in recent years has become a locally recognised brand and a leader in the game industry. The recipe for its success lies in its slogan: “simple, honest, direct”. The main objective of Wildswinkel is to make a positive contribution to innovation in the game industry, and now also in the livestock industry. The company operates on the principles of ease-of-transaction, honesty, integrity and dealing directly with clients. Wildswinkel manages high-quality auctions marketed through its extensive communication platforms, including the Apple and Android phone app. The company’s management of end-to-end direct buying and selling of game ensures a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

ISSUED FOR:                           GWK Auctions and Wildswinkel


ISSUED BY:                              Leanne Jansen

                                                Relationship Manager: GWK Marketing and Communications | 072 262 7155

DATE:                                       29 May 2020

View, download and register on the new GWK Veewinkel app: